..:: A Retrospective Contemplation ::..

Hay all…. so with the start of the new year of 2020 I review and get very reflective like many people and so this is a prime time to talk, get things out and chat a bit more. It’s something I need to do, want to do and am sorry I’ve not done as much as I should have.

It’s a time to be honest and also maybe course correct if needs be and sort myself out going forwards.

In terms of the site and releasing art I have to confess and say that maybe 2019 was the worst year so far. That feels bad to type that and know this is a truth ¬_¬ . I didn’t overly post much and I’ve been quiet on here and also on discord. It just was a year not much get out to you folk. This needs to change.

But why, why has this happened? … Well a few things (much I’m unable to go into detail on), but the main one was that I’ve been saving up for a big release (more on this soon upcoming post) but also I’ve developed bad habits, lack of organisation and ended up honestly in a bit of a funk and a dower mood. Anxious that I’m unable to make great work and deliver and comparing myself to fellow artistic masters and peers I can’t hope to match was a horrid new one to have gained too.

I also had a maybe too easy a year too, was too easy on myself and not forced as much as I should have too. I think without purpose and reason and drive I’ve become very…. easily distracted and not putting as much time into it as I should. I’ve done other things and this excessive pawn art has been reduced as a result. There is so much other shit you just don’t want or need to hear too.

Add on personal things like getting ample free time to draw and silence and quiet around to craft such things is a challenge still. It’s the same old thing for me it’s not super easy to just bang out these quickly (It can easily go double figures in truth, 15 hrs + ) and be done with it.

Real effort goes into it but conditions need to be right too – feels like stars aligning at times. Now this is not to say I don’t work and haven’t done much of anything in the last year (far from it!). I’ve on refection made some really great images, some of my best work and I’m very proud of them. I just need to finish off some off 100% or colour them and they will be ready to roll!

With this I’m determined to fix it in 2020 and going forwards. In a way the goals of 2019, but hopefully with the commitment it deserves and more luck getting the time to make it fall into place.

Big things are on the horizon. Things that’ll keep me true and honest I hope and release quality and consistency. In short like everybody else I’ll be releasing a patreon (as I’ve mentioned and have been holding off on releasing till now) but this will have great results going forwards (more than they are now). I’ll talk more about it in another post.

So let’s review my goals and hopes and such :-

  • Personally be content knowing my place and accept my ‘average’ ability, not to over panic and accept what I CAN do but craft unique bespoke content even if made slowly but that maybe okay – you’ll enjoy the content and helps it’s unique.

  • Art work COMPLETED on and in time, released as best I can and boxing projects off (helped by the patreon time to deliver per month)

  • PHOTOMANIPULATIONS to return and be worked on

  • Released Reactions / FUTANARI images to return (after maybe 10 years!)

  • WIP (Work in production) content released (again to force me to complete it) on discord.

  • More COMMNICATION and releases on websites / discord.

  • More EXPERIMENTATION with roughs, live Streams and other media.

(Oh yeah, I also need to get the other part of that story done soon too – I’ve not forgotten)

Again, sorry it’s been a long time coming, I’m still here and lets get back on this horse!

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..:: UPDATED – Hayo – A temp message ::..

UPDATE! – While I shouldn’t be talking too much about anything, I can finally come back and say a ‘thing’ that’s been extra work for me to do in the background and thus is finally done after a year of toil I’ve had to do… It feels honestly fantastic to be done with it. Nothing directly do do with art / being creative but a step in my development I’ve had to go through kind of thing.

I’ve managed to get it done and while it took an extra month and then a bit extra at the end I’m done now!! Very weird really, yet wonderful a feeling.

I’ve not produced much art for a few weeks  or months at the scale I had done lately and may need a little time to get back to it (the rust has set in in truth) but it’s so nice to get back to this.

I’ve gotten big plans in mind for the (start?) of next months which should be obvious if you look back at past stuff and so am working kind of hard to get this in place honestly. Even this month in other RL stuff is kind of packed with stuff to do, its slightly maddening ^^ just lovely… ¬_¬

The ElevatioN story will hopefully continue very soon as I pick that up again and have a battle plan to get back to stuff shortly. Be glad to get back to writing that now ^^

So really this is a good thing all in all and again… just thanks for sticking around. Good stuff to come very shortly!! Cheers – Sius

What’s up people? – I’m posting this as it’s been an age since I last did and want to show some ‘I’m still around’ awareness to the world. I’m sorry for the silence, though I have warned about it last time.

However originally I’d had plans for around this week that things that that have been causing me to be so side tracked with my art to be over and done but instead I’ve still gotten another few weeks before I can hang my hat up and move on from all that. It’s quite annoying and I hoped to really have gotten this aspect boxed off by now… but you know… *Sigh*.

I’ve also had many things happen that have taken away from some drawing lately and as such an itching to get back to it in truth. Funny, I had ‘burn out’ a few weeks ago from needing to work on background projects (more on that later), but now I’m raring to go and yet I’m still somewhat chained to this other thing. Such a bind.

However over the last month and a bit I’ve bit of time for me to think on the future of my designs, what I offer, what I can offer in a timely fashion and what’s best to do going forwards.It’s forced me to think a bit harder about pipelines, time to get stuff done and running this a bit more seriously vs. just drawing randomly what I feel like.

In test runs so far have worked out quite well and good feedback from people. While I still need to settle into this it is ultimately a tale as old as time about being focused. I don’t want to say too much more till things start to get done properly and I have that extra time, but in general I’m gearing up and hoping to deliver some good again before long.

I can’t wait to get back to the this once more and thank you all for your deep and understanding patience (you must be, if your reading this anyhow ^_^ ).

And so thanks a bunch for still checking this place out, hopefully I’ll have done my thing by next time… that or the ElevatioN story… maybe I can just bang that thing off soon in quieter moments….? here’s to hoping at least!

Thanks again! – Sius

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..:: Update / Too Hardcore? ::..

Hello my lovely people!

Content? – I hadn’t intended to say too much today as I don’t have TOO much new stuff to show off right here today (easy, easy, down girl!) . Not that I’ve been lazy, oh no no no! – but I’m just unable to show the results right away, but it’s good – more highly detailed gaper art and extra material was made and just needs some TLC before release.

Faster!, Nastier? – I think I’ve also come to a conclusion while setting things up in ther back end that and doing what I do is maybe FAR too much detail for my own good. It’s almost too much detail for the content it needs to be. So my work is just too good for this level of porn? – I joke, but there is a kernel of truth in this. Maybe quicker, simpler content maybe better than limited high end and time intensive work?

Honestly I think doing more ‘rough’ art along side the super detailed stuff maybe a key thing going forwards. Before you link me to an old post or two with me saying that one in the past, I know, I just forget how much easier and quicker content can be banged out, you know (I’m bad at this, leave me alone ^^)

So yeah… the good side is that the quicker stuff just maybe perfect for site content as well, high enough standard to show but didn’t take around 10 hours just to outline. So goal for the next month will be a test period of this and you people maybe subject to the results! This month I’m crazy tight for time, but even I can find a few hours here and there to test the theory out.

StoryElevatioN’ – so part 2 of the story is… going to be continued.

I was… ‘upset’ originally that for a week or two that only ‘2’ people seemed to like the story I’d started with that thumbs up as asked if you enjoyed it. Was it that bad? Was the writing that off? Had I failed to please people and deliver? Maybe yes…. and I was just going to maybe lazily finish it off in a month make it only a few pages long or twos time and put it on the back burner.

Luckily people seemed to have cared a little more since and was up to (at the time of this writing) ‘9’ – which is about what I’d hoped. You have to consider only a few people care to actually input on these things despite hundreds of people visiting the site… but its the only gauge I have. Anyhow. So with that in mind I hope to do more with the story sooner than later. Was a good break away from the art, but just as much work. When it comes back I’ll make sure some time is put into it.

Too Hardcore? – So I know my audience (mostly judging from the past poll ) I have maybe different to the one I am considering, but I want to offer my content to a greater range really and may compromise to do so – get more people thinking about this fetish. In short I maybe going a little too overboard as I’m going my thing 100% of the time.

So along with the high detail art I tend to do more gape heavy pussies or more ‘realistic’ ones. We all know it’s good and the right path (^^). Now its spared on by me not being scared of the vagina and think its kinda of great to have developed into this fantasy size and swollen shape and gaped mass maybe decorated with piercings but for others… the gaped mass of pussy walls maybe a little too ‘real’… that and the piercings too I guess?

So after showing some content to others I came to find that honestly…. it maybe just too much for general fans of the kink. More big / pumped pussy is good, inside the pussy makes them squirm somewhat. SO…. I might TRY some smaller pussies, some less gapey ones and less defined ones. Keep it softer, rounder and less raw.

I was also going to make this a poll, but the prior one basically asked this same question in a round about way. So instead it maybe just a humble thing to say I MIGHT try my hands at this in the future as the odd image, and I hope people don’t mind it too much maybe what I’m saying.

Anyhow for a quick blog post this has gone on long enough. Gotta get back to that grind stone – Cheers all, more content coming soon! Sius

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..:: iGAPES Story – ElevatioN (Incomplete) ::..

A story of two parts – before posting, this is the 1st half as I’ve gotten it. Too far in to ignore, but still need a little more tuning before releasing the entire thing. Updates / adjusterments and corrections may happen as the final one is posted but here is what we have so far folks… hope to finish and releasethe rest shortly….

Do you like it? – Also while I often humbily ask if you enjoy something to click the thumbs up at the bottom of the post, it goes double here… maybe like X2.5? Its real important. But seriously  If people hate, I won’t focus much on this in the future, while is people enjoy it… yeah, I could make time to write more (in this tory or another gaper inspired world). So please, see if you like what’s been done and let me know with making that click below. This one holds a significant amount of sway!

Text File – With the story is just here >>>> iGAPES Story – Sius – ElevatioN <<<<< if you want to download it, view it away from the page.



iGAPES – ElevatioN

By Sius for iGAPES.com


This content is meant to be ready only by people of mature enough age (of 21 or over) and is purely fictional.

This story deals with abstract sexual themes with a very heavy emphasis on female stretching, unreal pumped vaginal sizes, vaginal expansion and growth, distended anus and play, fem-cum, massive and excessive insertions.

If female stretching, pumping and exaggeration are not themes and kinks you enjoy I’d suggest skipping this story. Otherwise please read on.

For more images and stories and themes based on this fetish please visit iGAPES.com to see more content in the same manor as written here.

Thank you for your time and enjoy! – Sius


Fiction, Huge pussy, Massive pussy, Stretched pussy, Hyper Pussy, Big breasts, Stretched anus, Fem-cum, Gapers, Fisting, Excess, Extreme sexual intercourse, Leg insertion, Arm insertion, Head insertion, iGAPES.


A business trip away shows that something dynamic and sexually liberating has happened to some of the women of the area. Changed with swollen and engorged genitalia and lewd bodies and sexually driven actions this trip away maybe the start of a sexual awakening and the start of things to come.

(- It’s meant to have some world building, details about this fictional world with iG gapers and the fun they can give (one of many settings). It was meant to be a short story, but grew larger, much like the iG girls themselves… couldn’t be helped ^_^)


To jump to the action and bypass the build up (you heathen! ^^) – search for the words

I didn’t hear her enter ” to skip the setup

Before my hand could reach it ” for the sexual warmup part “



They where right, the streets of Hong Kong REALLY are just as crazily packed as people had mentioned. I’m not sure how I have less space here than on the tight plane, but it was a blessing to be on terra firma once more after all the hours cooked up and sitting around.

The taxi driver spoke English pretty clearly which put me at ease and he recommended seeing some sights while catching some fresh air which would considerably help fight jet-lag in its own way as he drove me away from the airport. There was a smile and cheeky nod from where I told him I was going to stay and which hotel. I figured I was probably in for a bit of a treat at least in one way or another.

And with that I sat back, let him take me away and sat with anticipation. The scale and size of this city really was exceptional and breathe taking. ‘Cosmopolitan’ would be the best word to describe what I saw. Visually distracted I tried to focus on the job and the business of my business after ideally glancing the city.

When I finally arrived I saw that he was quite right, it was something special as we pulled up at the hotel with a dedicated drive in road. Getting my bags out the boot and then with thanks and payment he sped off into the chaotic city streets and out of sight into a crowd of many, a theme of this land.

The hotel location felt like many miles outside the city centre but appeared as grand as the more deluxe and expensive buildings on my viewing here. The building combined modern industrial western architecture with more of an eastern Asian twist in design, blending the two harmoniously. What a place to spend the next few days, even if I’m mostly just here to sleep sadly.

Glancing around it seemed an interesting location; set near a border between the central city section of Hong Kong and the grounded slightly less commanding business outskirts. A mixture of wealthy high class established huge capital investment companies and more the more humble colourful cultured sellers set up in simpler shops. It all looked very inviting.

I decided to make good on the taxies advice and not hang around or get stuck around the hotel much and take that walk. After checking in and retrieving my keycard from a pretty receptionist lady I headed up the elevator to my room. Even the corridors and alcoves looked extremely decadent while still remaining clean, professional and minimal.

Continue reading

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..:: Update Post 21st April 2019 ::..

TL;DR – Been busy, story by me, ElevatioN (1st half) is ready and posted. 2nd part coming soon (TM). New art software working out. Updated limited for next few months. I love you.

Hay hay my lovely people – So before I begin I’m going to apologize once more. A late update both my fault time keeping wise and other who just can’t get enough Sius in RL.

It’s near complete madness how people are and have been pushing on my time the last two weeks and yet again this last week I feel stuff has gone on and gotten done, but damn this one has just disappeared around me and I had only a fraction of the time I’d hoped.

Update? – So let’s have a little chat and explain what’s going on.

– Story – I promised a story last time and made a start on it. It took more effort and has gone on longer than I had imagined. From what was going to be a hastily written; right into the action affair has changed to a much longer format with more detail, better pace and more effort. The story is called ElevatioN. I’m pleased with it, but need to get back to finishing it within the next week or soon.

I just need a little longer, but hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve started here all the same! I’ve posted the story here and will update the same post with more context as soon as it’s written and been checked some. Stay tuned for more. Hope you enjoy, was fun to do something different for a change, but more demanding on my time than I’d hoped….

Art work – So lately I’ve had an opportunity to update and upgrade my drawing software. It is always a ropey venture as it takes time to set it all up and last time the software kind of shit-the-bed as it where. But the older and more stable program has been… not performing too well lately honestly.

I have a beefy rig PC that I built myself and KNOW it could handle more and while it was good, I was sad by what it didn’t really improve much on after making head way into longer art projects with many many layers and effects put on.

Anyhow I’ve worked on and am working on a ‘quick’ (Note, not quick at all) piece to put the new one through the ringer and test it out. So far, so good! New setup is looking great so far now I’ve worked out the kinks.

I’ve added a graphic on the side, maybe a hint as to what the theme could be? ^^

So yes, content still being made, still be worked on, still not finished but I’ve not been sitting idle at all. Newer content and updated content will be nicer and slightly quicker also, big bonus there!

– Polls – Useful feedback so far. Will give them a little longer, but looking interesting so far, and thanks for voting!

– Other – I’ve also gotten other shit that I just can’t go into detail about which is making a mess of things time wise and I’ll be candid with you all that updates after this 2nd story part will be limited until this important thing is done.

Just know its REAL important and sadly ill timed and things are happening at the same time (which is horrid and I bloody hate it) so just bare with me…. So much good stuff ready and planned but the ticking clock is slowly making me nervous. Just know I’m doing as best I can for you all under the circumstances.

Well that’s what’s going on and where I stand. Oh, and for people who celebrate it, happy Easter Sunday while I’m here ^^ – Cheers all!, Sius

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..:: Update Post with Poll – Pump Vs. Size & lippy lips ::..

AWWWWWW, bugger!! Out of time once again!! Gaahhhh!

So sorry, another week has slipped by without that story. I ended up working more on it and fleshing it out more and well…. some re-writes and some RL stuff getting in the way and, fuck, it’s Sunday again! (edit: not anymore buddy, it’s very much Monday ¬_¬) But know I’ve had some time and have been working on bits for sure all the same unlike not been able to for the last few weeks.

My plan is to get this out sooner than later, (as it’s already a week behind schedule already) so sorry about that. Hopefully its worth the wait! I also did a gaper image as a warm up after been unable to draw much over 3 weeks away and… that has come out great, but I’ve been fighting hard with photoshop to play nice and do what it needs to do (Sigh) . Little annoying for sure.

I’ve also been reviewing the Patreon page and what I can offer and deliver and also plans for things I can do, what’s expected and well… I’m getting some good ideas together and hope to start to give some more details before long. It’s happening (until it’s not I guess ^^) but I’d rather do it right and get the right content out, what is expected and high quality for the investment and support.

I’ve also had to do some futanari / released reactions.com content, and it’s been a while since my last ones. Super fun to do futa and weird stuff like that again after all this time. Shit, it’s crazy how little time it takes to do right (in some ways anyhow) VS. oversized gaper art. Hopefully not all will mind too much crossing over to other kinks once in a while.


I’m thinking of doing a girl for the Patreon almost like a progressive transformation over time. Woooo. Having her be a repeating character and having her stretch and grow and all sorts and feedback from the community how she changes in the long run. But as I was putting ideas together with poses and ideas it hit me that I’ve not asked people the stretching gape (tightness) versus size question, and better make sure my content is in line with expectations. And the 2nd poll is something that hit me, I don’t think I’ve ever much asked about it.

Pump Vs. Stretching - Tough choice, which is the most fun an idea to you?

View Results

There are no wrong answers, just the BEST answers

So in short I’ve set it so it has 2 sizes, and 1 with 3 stretching tiers. It’s more for how tight and slack it is, and how fun and fantasy pussies their are with that vs more grounded and slightly more real people want to see.

For ‘large’ the size is variable, it could be as big as a melon all the way up to a mountain… that doesn’t matter too much here. For ‘small’ it means more normal stretched sizes maybe up to a melon swollen flesh size.

I’ve done plenty of wide open pussies, but not enough tight ones… I do these pussies big and angry and swollen usually…. but sometimes the idea that they are both HUGE and TIGHT is something I may have overlooked. Help a porn artist out, give your poll vote if you can.

Long, flat pussy lips (non pumped) Check

View Results

AND we have a 2nd poll. This one just hit me as I was doing the last poll, but really it is it’s own separate question. A pussy design I don’t often do… but… maybe fun to mix it up ad add it. However, how do you feel about it?

I’ve attached a nasty 10 minute doodle attached to kinda get my point across – show how it may look or the theme of it. If this was done properly and right (a neat and tidy version of this), would you be interested in it? It’s the ‘curtains’ lips pussy design, heavy and droopy but loose and gaped. I’ve picked a large size for the example, but could be bigger or smaller. Wish I had more time for a side on view with it trailing behind and more obvious.

The idea of the design is that it can be lifted, wrapped around, or trail behind her while of course having her be able to insert a sizeable amount – might need to work on showing that with a more dominantly obvious mons vaginally enlarged area, still work to be done it seems.

Anyhow, vote please please, so sorry about the story, hoping mid week as mentioned and thanks again! – Sius

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