..:: Check Checkin’ In – Honey Select Edits (H.S.E.’s) & Update ::..

Hello my fans of gaping and excess – It’s been a little while, a hot minute if you will and so I figured I’d take a moment to chat and talk.

Firstly – I hope everybody is going okay and is being safe in these uncertain times. Since last time I posted the world has sure seen its sign of crazy things happen to it in a multitude of ways. So here is to hoping everyone is doing fine and well despite the hardships out there. Please stay safe whatever environment you’re in, we’ll get through this together!

So now is the time
– which I go a little more into me and what I’ve been upto. As you have seen in the graphic above I’ve been pretty busy with content and art and getting things done! It’s been crazy busy and productive! Running a patreon is close to a full time effort with constantly something to do and managing my time as best I can, but the results have been well worth it and I’m really finding my footing now.

Patreon – so again, may as well promote this while I’m here!  The content I produce is heavy and excessive in XL gaping / hyper pussy and Huge futanari as main kinks. It more extreme than ‘bubbly’ art work. It is very heavily based on human, non furry characters with a more grounded and realistic (not too cartoony) feel to it and doesn’t hold back! There are many versions of each image avaliable of extremely detailed and bespoke content that very few if any are making at crazy level. Artwork, making of videos, photomanipulations and H.S.E. (see below for more detail) make for a complete and dynamic package.

The support – has honestly kept me going and the more people we have on will help out grow the community, I’ll be able to put more time into making this kind of content – so please consider joining up and enjoying this bespoke content and keeping me alive and fed.



Honey Select Edits (H.S.E.) – So the other thing I wanted to highlight was a new medium I’ve worked on and made! Very exciting! Similar to photomanipulations which I’m making as Patreon rewards it’s taking something and editing it to make something very unique and special.

So for anybody – who doesn’t know Honey Select is a hentai game. It has models you can make and bring into a room and its kinda good. The jiggly tits gets a giggle out of me everytime ^_^ ANYHOW as the program is also based on a 3D modeling program of the girls you can make your own. Now this isn’t enough as you now need mods, special plugins and an understanding of rigging manipulation, editing the hidden back end values and all sorts. It’s certainly a thing, but with the right know how you can go far.

Unique Spin – So while there is straight porn of these girls and the models, the trouble come in that it…. it has its limits. You can use some modelled parts and put them on the girls and you can edit the look and feel of them, but after a time you can only do SO much before you somewhat run low on options.

Not that – that’s a bad thing, some great content can be made out there. Check out friend and avid duck collector extraordinaire Cymic 44 for examples of this stuff – He does content I made but all for H.S. . It takes a little while to do, but once you have it down you can pump this stuff out and it can be fab.

But I decided – I personally could bring something fresh to the table and be artistic and use my skills to do more with them. So somewhat like the photomanipulations I’ve taken the girls, edited them to pose and THEN drawn ontop of them, simulating the style and look of the girl in the image. It doesn’t use any pre built assets with the genitalia at all and is all hand painted on.

The final result – is something few others have done or without artistic skills wouldn’t be able to make like this. The best thing of all is while it take a few hours to make it is SO quick compared to the pixel level normal digital art I do, so I can bang these images out somewhat quickly AND making a set of a girl isn’t too hard too! Crazy!

Honestly – I’m very pleased with the way these have come out and hopefully adds content to my portfolio and works on Patreon and is unique, which feels nice to make something like that. The more I do the better they get, the more detail goes into them and the faster I can make them (in theory ^^)

Below – are some low resolution images and some censoring (¬_¬ sorry) of examples which will be in the Patreon and will be coming out soon. futanari / hermaphrodite girl models also included too. I hope you enjoy them all the same!

Well I have to get back to work, but it has been nice reporting in and telling you about my new content. Again please stay safe out there and Patreon or not, thanks for your support and showing an interest in my content – Cheers! Sius

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..:: Check In Update Time ::..

Hay hay my gape and monster pussy lovin’ fans! – Just reporting in as I don’t want to lose too much touch with you all even if my attention has been divided up a silly amount with the patreon account.

So I’m mostly just here saying that over the last few months the Patreon has going just swimmingly and that the new content is all being made at a solid level and the results so far have been great! Honestly I’m really proud of the quality that’s been put out there and my CG skills now I’m using them once again after so many years are coming along pretty nicely.


Now I’m going to expect that some of you will be waiting for that content to trickle down, and it will…. eventually (As it is honestly a reward and I don’t intend to go back on my gratidude anytime soon) . I’ll be a few more months till censored versions / small version are out, and a few more months till the content for some of it will be released outright. But some of it will come for the patient ^^

Naturally I’d love for you to head over and join in the community and get your hands on some rather unique massive pussy material (and monster futanari if that’s your jam too). That and content that just WON’T be released or released free is being made too. In fact, it’s only because people have shown this support that content COULD honestly appear and should you should offer them a big thanks to them for helping it come together and that content may flow down to this point.


However I think soon I maybe at some point able to release some of the doodles I’ve done as they are a bit more simple and hay, I don’t want to abandon and hide content all behind a paywall or anything like that so there is that to look forwards too.

Also, crazy times we are all in, so to you all stay safe and healthy my friends! Let’s get through this virus together ^^

I’ll try and keep in touch when I can, otherwise the patreon will serve you well for more big big pussy artworks ^_^ – till then, be well and see ya soon! – Sius

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UPDATE – 06.03.2020 – Under request I’ve added additional Tiers to the Patreon. The material has been split down the middle with iGAPES Hper pussy material on one side and Futanari monster dickgirl hermaprodites on the other.

As a result it’s cheaper and has the content you like the most! No need to pay for anything you don’t want and its reflected in a more humble price as there is less on offer.

The only thing to consider if that the Gold Tier has added perks, bonus material and boons the others do not… but… you have options now, so if your considering getting some very sort after excessive hyper pussy content of iGAPES girls then check it out (or the Futa tier … but if not sure there would be as much call for that on this website…. but I’m not here to judge!)

Thank you for your consideration and hope to see some of you over there! – http://www.patreon.com/sius

It is done and it is READY – Truly and fully, this Patreon is a active and happening!!  Thank you all for your patience getting to this point!

Not only is the material unique; it covers deeper bespoke fetishes kinks and currently there’s a limited time exclusive Patreon benefits as a thanks as a show of support to people who sign up now. With all this as a foundation, more than ever there is a drive to create harder and more excessive characters and creations and with the support that comes from the Patreons I’ll be making every more content the fans of these kinks will be proud of and I hope to see you join us to make it happen.

It’s been a long time coming – I’ve been building up content and trying to get myself ready for this but I am on the cusp of being able to go. I’m very excited but also quite hesitant and reserved about the whole thing. I’ve held off till I am in a good enough spot to release. Primed for the content to follow and stepping up my game with CG colouring I think it’s time to make this happen!

Well What’s it going to have? –

  • Unique fetish of iGAPES (Hyper excessive pussy) Artworks! Massive vagina (non -furry) girls drawn with excess showing every detail!
  • High quality Released Reactions (Futanari / weird) Artwork! Back to my roots again. Oversized and weird dickgirls and more!
  • Photomanipulations of iGAPES and Futanari Girls! Crazy life like alterations to make your fantasies one step closer to true!
  • Experimental artwork of ideas and themes! High impact drawings of ideas less seen and werid/er designs maybe for the future!
  • Special ‘one off’ content and ‘pack’ content exclusively available for patreons for a time!
  • Other special events – Video recordings of art being made, records of progress and ability to direct what gets made and much more!

What makes you special? – Created for Unique kinks and fetishes that others seldom draw (XL human gapers especially) at a very high digital level (working at 1 pixel outlined art), photomanipulations alterations of a excessively high standard, digital created standards and often uncompromising sizes and scale which other struggle to match. Stories, themes and captions help bring the material to life in some images too. Not many can claim the same.


Why have this patreon? I’ve done this as a hobby for years on and off as time permitted. Now I have enough skills and have dedicated enough time to make content that could support me and make great content. It is special enough and unique enough that I can offer the people these under catered kinks with my art and designs and fill this niche.

Your financial support will allow me to keep my lights on and fed and allow me more time to spend making this stuff and get material finished and out that may never have seen the light of day.

How is the content released? – Over time this may change (Still early days as I write) but I intend for people to enjoy and pick up my content and it will be cycled through for newer material as the month/s progress.

I’m aiming for a new high quality piece of art, ideally CG coloured per week along side the extras like experimental sketches and the photomanipulations done as we go along. It will be a rotation of gaper and futa art ideally. After a time some of the material will be placed on the websites for free but a lesser quality and other material will be placed into packs or be exclusive material not given outside the patreon as a reward to people who support me.

What do I need to know going in? I’ve gotten quite a back log of material to release and or finish off and grab from, however they are not coloured (As there where just for me I rather spent my time working on new stuff honestly) and my CG (as of writing) is good enough but a little rusty and slow.

I’m also going to be changing things are we go, being fluid and changing as needs be and what people want. So please bare with me as I try and herd cats and get a grip on things. After a few month in it should be a well oiled machine and the content will be firing hard and fast.

But I can’t support you… Hay, not to worry and thanks for at least considering it. The content inside the patreon, some of it will be available to the public after a time has passed (So you’ll be able to snag a lesser version of it later on at least). I don’t want to punish people and make my work totally exclusive but there certainly will be content.

This Patreon will mean that content finally gets released and given the true time and treatment it deserves thanks to the support of Patrons so everybody wins!


Where can I sign up? – https://www.patreon.com/sius – Thats where you would want to go to sign up if your curious. If you’d by me a few drinks or a meal out then by signing upto the patreon will help keep my lights on and fed while you get some very unique and bespoke content. It is charged upfront and at the start of each month, so I recommend you sign up at the start of the month to squeeze as much time out of the month as you can!

Anything else? – Just thank you for your support, either as a viewer of this website and your patience or as somebody who will take the extra step, offer a tiny amount, make a huge difference and get some really special stuff from it. Cheers – Sius

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..:: ElevatioN – Part 2 ::..

Hello my people,

Well it sure has been a hot minute since I touched this story and finally have come around to finishing it off!

I’ve updated the main story page and continued on where I’d left off. For anybody looking for a place the story continues at please look for the following string of text with your search / find function in your web browser

” Her hands began to stroke my chest as I returned in kind.

..:: iGAPES Story – ElevatioN (Incomplete) ::..

I think I can only apologize in this being as late as it is. It’s not only late but near a year ago which is terrifying. I’ve started to feel the last 10 years have been that for me, time flying by and things being left incomplete.

It honestly was a struggle to even look at doing this as I’ve had it on a ‘to do list’ for months and ever time I’d open it up and after a moment of hesitation found ‘other things to do’. Its hard to find the words and the pace of this as my attention just wasn’t in it when I tried to make it happen.

I didn’t have much a chance to finish it off the first few months after the first posting as I had to drop it for very important reasons which I do not regret and there was a time after I had much more other things to do than this story, but then it started to fade from my mind and I picked up my art but not the story and…

Well we are here today. I finally banged it out and got it finished. I may go back and refine it from the point mentioned above if I need to do some tidy up as its not as tight as the first part in truth, but it was something I needed done. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it if you try and pick up the pieces, thank you for your patience and let up hope I never have that same issue again in the future. Thanks!

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..:: A Retrospective Contemplation ::..

Hay all…. so with the start of the new year of 2020 I review and get very reflective like many people and so this is a prime time to talk, get things out and chat a bit more. It’s something I need to do, want to do and am sorry I’ve not done as much as I should have.

It’s a time to be honest and also maybe course correct if needs be and sort myself out going forwards.

In terms of the site and releasing art I have to confess and say that maybe 2019 was the worst year so far. That feels bad to type that and know this is a truth ¬_¬ . I didn’t overly post much and I’ve been quiet on here and also on discord. It just was a year not much get out to you folk. This needs to change.

But why, why has this happened? … Well a few things (much I’m unable to go into detail on), but the main one was that I’ve been saving up for a big release (more on this soon upcoming post) but also I’ve developed bad habits, lack of organisation and ended up honestly in a bit of a funk and a dower mood. Anxious that I’m unable to make great work and deliver and comparing myself to fellow artistic masters and peers I can’t hope to match was a horrid new one to have gained too.

I also had a maybe too easy a year too, was too easy on myself and not forced as much as I should have too. I think without purpose and reason and drive I’ve become very…. easily distracted and not putting as much time into it as I should. I’ve done other things and this excessive pawn art has been reduced as a result. There is so much other shit you just don’t want or need to hear too.

Add on personal things like getting ample free time to draw and silence and quiet around to craft such things is a challenge still. It’s the same old thing for me it’s not super easy to just bang out these quickly (It can easily go double figures in truth, 15 hrs + ) and be done with it.

Real effort goes into it but conditions need to be right too – feels like stars aligning at times. Now this is not to say I don’t work and haven’t done much of anything in the last year (far from it!). I’ve on refection made some really great images, some of my best work and I’m very proud of them. I just need to finish off some off 100% or colour them and they will be ready to roll!

With this I’m determined to fix it in 2020 and going forwards. In a way the goals of 2019, but hopefully with the commitment it deserves and more luck getting the time to make it fall into place.

Big things are on the horizon. Things that’ll keep me true and honest I hope and release quality and consistency. In short like everybody else I’ll be releasing a patreon (as I’ve mentioned and have been holding off on releasing till now) but this will have great results going forwards (more than they are now). I’ll talk more about it in another post.

So let’s review my goals and hopes and such :-

  • Personally be content knowing my place and accept my ‘average’ ability, not to over panic and accept what I CAN do but craft unique bespoke content even if made slowly but that maybe okay – you’ll enjoy the content and helps it’s unique.

  • Art work COMPLETED on and in time, released as best I can and boxing projects off (helped by the patreon time to deliver per month)

  • PHOTOMANIPULATIONS to return and be worked on

  • Released Reactions / FUTANARI images to return (after maybe 10 years!)

  • WIP (Work in production) content released (again to force me to complete it) on discord.

  • More COMMNICATION and releases on websites / discord.

  • More EXPERIMENTATION with roughs, live Streams and other media.

(Oh yeah, I also need to get the other part of that story done soon too – I’ve not forgotten)

Again, sorry it’s been a long time coming, I’m still here and lets get back on this horse!

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..:: Update / Too Hardcore? ::..

Hello my lovely people!

Content? – I hadn’t intended to say too much today as I don’t have TOO much new stuff to show off right here today (easy, easy, down girl!) . Not that I’ve been lazy, oh no no no! – but I’m just unable to show the results right away, but it’s good – more highly detailed gaper art and extra material was made and just needs some TLC before release.

Faster!, Nastier? – I think I’ve also come to a conclusion while setting things up in ther back end that and doing what I do is maybe FAR too much detail for my own good. It’s almost too much detail for the content it needs to be. So my work is just too good for this level of porn? – I joke, but there is a kernel of truth in this. Maybe quicker, simpler content maybe better than limited high end and time intensive work?

Honestly I think doing more ‘rough’ art along side the super detailed stuff maybe a key thing going forwards. Before you link me to an old post or two with me saying that one in the past, I know, I just forget how much easier and quicker content can be banged out, you know (I’m bad at this, leave me alone ^^)

So yeah… the good side is that the quicker stuff just maybe perfect for site content as well, high enough standard to show but didn’t take around 10 hours just to outline. So goal for the next month will be a test period of this and you people maybe subject to the results! This month I’m crazy tight for time, but even I can find a few hours here and there to test the theory out.

StoryElevatioN’ – so part 2 of the story is… going to be continued.

I was… ‘upset’ originally that for a week or two that only ‘2’ people seemed to like the story I’d started with that thumbs up as asked if you enjoyed it. Was it that bad? Was the writing that off? Had I failed to please people and deliver? Maybe yes…. and I was just going to maybe lazily finish it off in a month make it only a few pages long or twos time and put it on the back burner.

Luckily people seemed to have cared a little more since and was up to (at the time of this writing) ‘9’ – which is about what I’d hoped. You have to consider only a few people care to actually input on these things despite hundreds of people visiting the site… but its the only gauge I have. Anyhow. So with that in mind I hope to do more with the story sooner than later. Was a good break away from the art, but just as much work. When it comes back I’ll make sure some time is put into it.

Too Hardcore? – So I know my audience (mostly judging from the past poll ) I have maybe different to the one I am considering, but I want to offer my content to a greater range really and may compromise to do so – get more people thinking about this fetish. In short I maybe going a little too overboard as I’m going my thing 100% of the time.

So along with the high detail art I tend to do more gape heavy pussies or more ‘realistic’ ones. We all know it’s good and the right path (^^). Now its spared on by me not being scared of the vagina and think its kinda of great to have developed into this fantasy size and swollen shape and gaped mass maybe decorated with piercings but for others… the gaped mass of pussy walls maybe a little too ‘real’… that and the piercings too I guess?

So after showing some content to others I came to find that honestly…. it maybe just too much for general fans of the kink. More big / pumped pussy is good, inside the pussy makes them squirm somewhat. SO…. I might TRY some smaller pussies, some less gapey ones and less defined ones. Keep it softer, rounder and less raw.

I was also going to make this a poll, but the prior one basically asked this same question in a round about way. So instead it maybe just a humble thing to say I MIGHT try my hands at this in the future as the odd image, and I hope people don’t mind it too much maybe what I’m saying.

Anyhow for a quick blog post this has gone on long enough. Gotta get back to that grind stone – Cheers all, more content coming soon! Sius

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