..:: Writers Needed + Fun Poll ::..

TL;DR - 1) New art below post, 2) need writer(s) badly to help out with captions / stories AND 3) also a fun poll below – multi-votes, vote please. Wov you, K, Tanks, bye!

Writers Needed! – What do I need, how can you help? Well I ask every blue moon and man o man, do I need somebody willing to lend a hand with just a few lines of text.

What will I be writing or expected to do? – Simple, I will ether present some art I’ve drawn, maybe a photomanip that could be cool to have a caption / short story with it or generally somebody who maybe willing to write a short story of their own or bounce ideas back and forth off. I’m not expecting master class here, just people with an interest in the subject matter and we’ll go from there.

What happens if i want something you don’t really cover? – As long as it fits the theme of the site, maybe we can swing it to make it work. I’m always open to ideas and if you think it maybe fun, then other will do also. I maybe able to draw whatever you have in mind also, so it maybe free custom art in it for you, we’ll see!

I’m not very good! – Nor am I, but damn it, I enjoy what I do and this fetish needs to grow (yes and yes!) and your help can’t half help me out.

No, really, I’m not good at all!! – I don’t bite and its not like you’ll be wasting my time at all. All I ask is you please give it a shot! ^^

Just send that email to – email@igapes(dot)com- just lose the brackets and put a . ^^ with the subject line of like ‘ Writer Request ‘ or something similar and we’ll go from there ^^

Poll - Just for the giggles, I’m curious what type of characters you like to see in the art that’s done. You can imagine how big the girl is, how large or small her assets are, but as themes, which of these would you say you like the most? – Multiple votes are on, so more than 1 is good (but pick your favorites, or there’s no much point! ^^)

Smexy Big Pussied Girls Themes - Multi-vote the ones you like most!

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..:: Story – The Origins of Temp Girl ::..

So my friend Fragile at FA spotted this gem a little back on the web. No idea who wrote it -_- but the story is certainly lengthy and vast and follows the character off Blasie’s character, Temp girl into a fully fleshed out character. Always a joy to have content to show off on the subject, just wish I knew wrote it… ‘https://docs.google.com/document/d/…..a_wRCbbv8/edit


My name is Theresa Gaynes, and I have just undergone the most extraordinary experience of my life. I hate my name, though, so you can call me T.G. – all my friends do. It’s a joke, really, given my chosen line of work – I am a professional temp. The work is surprisingly steady, the pay is shockingly decent, and it satisfies my wanderlust. Before I fell into “perma-temping” I bounced around a lot. The crappy economy didn’t give me many options, and I applied to a temp agency in a fit of desperation. I started working a few weeks after that, and just haven’t stopped. My friends are amazed at how steady my work has been, and regard it as my superpower. They call me “Temp Girl”, or T.G. for short. Like I said, it’s a joke, and it’s better than my real name.

Day 1

My story begins one cold autumn night, when I was lying asleep in my bed. I don’t honestly know what triggered it. I’d had a bad migraine that day, and soothed my pounding head with lots of yummy tea and way too much Internet. I got sucked into TV Tropes, and wound up losing a good four hours – I looked up and the sun had gone down. Downing another handful of acetaminophen, I went to sleep. It wasn’t very restful – lots of weird dreams. The weirdest, though, was what started my journey. A gray landscape stretched all around me, being both a desert wasteland and a city in the strange simultaneity of dreams. Streetlights flickered in the gloom, and strange noises echoed weirdly in the distance.

I stood beneath the only stable streetlamp, trying to pierce the haze that surrounded me. I wore my favorite sweater and a short-ish skirt. From the shadows burst a figure that vaguely resembled Sailor Moon, but her face was wrong. Blank, like it didn’t have eyes, or maybe they were hidden? Her trademark sailor uniform clung to her body like tight silk, her curves enhanced and warped to be some sex-crazed otaku’s wet dream. Between her legs, though, something throbbed.

At first I thought she was a dickgirl – I’m no stranger to that sort of thing. But the harder I looked (and for some reason I could not look away) the more I realized that the sphere of warm, pulsating flesh between her girlishly slender thighs was not a scrotum. No, it was her pussy. It was huge, about the size of a soccer ball. It was covered in a light tracing of veins, and clear ropes of feminine juices clung to and stretched between the slightly parted, flushed lips.

I opened my mouth to speak, but before I could say anything the strange vision shouted something in Japanese. Maybe it was in English, but with a heavy Japanese accent? Discerning it was impossible. Her wand flashed like lightning, and an arc of energy jerked from it to my body. I put my arms up reflexively, attempting to shield myself, but I felt it connect. It didn’t hit my torso or my head, though. It latched onto my body… onto my vagina.

My skirt flipped up due to the force of the crackling blue energy, and I realized that my dream-self forgot to wear panties. That thought fell to the wayside, however, due to the tummy-melting orgasm that tore through me a heartbeat later. I felt blood rushing to my sex as I screamed, my eyes rolling back into my head. I tried to reach my pussy, to protect it or to stimulate it – I’m not sure – but my body wouldn’t respond.

For a long minute I stood there; my back arching, my toes curling and my lungs heaving as I came again and again. At last the energy dissipated, and I fell. But nothing caught my fall – the ground ceased to be as soon as the beam winked out, and I cried out as grey clouds rushed past me. I fell and fell, screaming, my sex thick between my legs, throbbing.

I bolted awake, sweaty and tangled in my sheets, as I fell off of my bed. All that thrashing made me push myself off of the bed, and I landed with a loud thud. My cat was howling and my alarm blaring as I tried to unwrap myself. Continue reading

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..:: iGAPES – The Partner, The Girlfriend, The Mistress and her ‘Project’ ::..

Something a little different today. I’ve done some fun hard’ish themed caps in the past, but time for a humiliation themed one with some cuckold/cuckquean element.

Slightly modified caps, one for for normalized gapes (well… kinda) and more excessive ones to go with the larger pussy swell sizes. Everybody wins!

I’ve still got all the alt versions to do here (each character on their own + smaller versions maybe), but figured I’d get out the main image now and do a zip/rar pack for the others, so you can check them out later on – Check back soon for them. UPDATE, Done, see the Full range of images in the pack, click the zip download below the images.

Hope you enjoy, caption theme aside – Cheers, Sius

CuckGirls01HC CuckGirls01NC



..:: Spotlight – Halcy0n w. Delicious Cream Egg Set ::..

Halcy0n, known to me for many a year is a old friend of mine is both a human but also a furry drawing artist over at FA - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/halcy0n.

I didn’t spot until lately that he’d done some pretty cool gape / pumped pussy and even laying (? new one) fetish commission work.

I have always dug this guys style and its as good today as ever before! I’m not one for furries (all good, just not my thing personally) but yeah, this is good stuff.

Though its not a major focus of his art, Halcy0n has said he’d be happy to do more and has commissions on and off, so if you like what you see here, get on that!

1415824539.halcy0n_eggyxadera00s 1415824798.halcy0n_eggyxadera01s 1415825173.halcy0n_eggyxadera02s

You can also find the coloured versions on user Xadera’s (they requested it) and did a nice job with the colouring too!

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..:: Story – Spiked (Started) By Angry Crayfish ::..

Story originally started by Angry Crayfish – open to modification and additions at http://pastebin.com/6D9vUVSB

(Posted without permission, coz sod paying Pastebin for that simple privilege – Crayfish, get in touch if its a problem spud ^^)


Fiona didn’t like “going out.” Bars had never been her idea of a fun Friday night. She didn’t really enjoy drinking, she didn’t like being around a bunch of skeevy guys, she didn’t like the music, and she didn’t like the atmosphere.

But here she was, at Yellow’s at 1:30 AM. It was her roommate’s birthday, and as much as Fi disliked the bar scene, she disliked the idea of letting Sarah down on her 21st even more.

Sarah had started drinking before her birthday, of course. But now that she was legal, and didn’t have to be sneaky about it, she was going all out. Fiona hadn’t joined in – she had the excuse of being the designated driver – so she had gotten a fully-sober front seat to watching Sarah getting slowly but steadily plastered.

Now, however, Fiona was getting antsy. She hadn’t even seen Sarah for almost half an hour – she’d been flirting with some guys, and then she was dancing, and Fi had lost track of her after that. She was almost ready to start hunting Sarah down herself so that she could get them both home and get some sleep.

Fi meandered around the edges of the dancefloor, craning her neck, trying to find her friend. There was no sign of her. She tried the restroom – no luck there either. Finally, with a heavy sigh, she grumpily returned to their seats at the bar. If this hadn’t been Sarah’s birthday, Fi would have been mad at her for vanishing when Fi was so ready to leave.

Fiona sat down and picked up her glass of water. It was almost empty. She took a big swig from it to finish it off… and then choked and sputtered all over the sleeve of her jacket.

It wasn’t water. She had accidentally picked up someone else’s glass of some sort of clear alcohol. Maybe vodka? Fiona wasn’t well-versed enough in adult beverages to be certain.

Whatever the drink was, even the small amount that she had swallowed burned her throat something awful. The fact that she had choked on it didn’t improve the situation. Fi sniffed the glass. It smelled extremely strong, with a touch of… something familiar. And almost flowery scent, but Fiona couldn’t quite place it.

She felt the burning lump moving down her esophagus into her stomach. Her eyes were watering. She set the glass back down on the counter and picked up her own – sniffing it this time to be sure – and took several slow sips of cold water to wash the burning sensation out of her innards Continue reading


..:: iGAPES – Valentines Girls 2015 ::..

I’m sure I’ll tidy these up and give them a proper name tomorrow, but, fuck it, better something new than waiting and waiting…  – oh and happy valentines ladies and gents! Cheers! – Sius

UPDATE :- Okay, was too tired and short of time to have clocked these girls off and given all the alternative versions for display. As I type this now I have ample time so I’m currently updating some older art to get out soon as I can do this kind that editing when time is more on the short side.

So yeah, I’ll have the proper finished version (probably with and without story / character details) done soon. Figured it was better to get some other part art clocked off in a similar position for you soon as I have the time off and you may want more girls with you know, the giant hyper pussy thing going on.

These girls are a bit more on the ‘grounded’ less gape like, more just pumped up side. I’ve TRIED to mix some of the art up, judging from the poll, so looking to you people for the feedback

So if you like a set, please feel free to click that thumps up icon at the bottom, to show your appreciation, as tells me what you like and guides me a great deal, so thanks! – Sius

iGValentines2015 iGValentines2015c