..:: Polls – Developed How? & Stories Author ::..

To my excessive hyper and gape loving fans and community I’ve gotten two more new polls for you to please help me out with if you can please?

//// Poll One – How’d she get so big?! ////

That eternal question – What is the MOST sexy method to change into this kind of girl?!

So this girl has a cunt cave that will never close, might be so big it gets in the way of her mobility or is constantly aroused and wet she gushes or floods everything around her. BUT…. How did she GET this way? There are plenty of possibilities, but I’m curious what people like the most or want most. Extra details what each mean  or examples are listed above the first poll.

There is no wrong answers. Just have a look and decide what you think sounds like the most arousing idea is and vote for it if you would please? ^_^

  • Self Inflicted – Created by her own hand and doing. Using toys, warped sexual acts she has become this way SOLEY by her lewd acts have give her this surreal and extreme body. Her commitment and endless attention have somehow exceeded human limits.
  • Drugs, Chemicals, Planned Surgery – Using these means as the only way to take it to another level. Compounds, hormones, relaxents or even medical tampering has made her this way and her way, the way she always wanted to be and would never go back to being lesser.
  • Born This Way – Her body has naturally developed her body and her freaky excessive vagina dominates. Love or hate it, she grows unlike anything else. As she sexually matured she grew, and her pussy swelled and expanded far beyond the normal and shows no sign of stopping…
  • Warped / Mutated / Deformed – From virus’ and DNA tampering to body horror mutations and wapred science experiments or even done against her desire. These more underhanded and darker mediums will change her into her new form and things will never be the same.
  • Magical / Cursed / Items – Spells, magic, enhancements, blessings and damnations. From special items, to a fantasy enhancements or spells to being possessed to be having a higher power remake her in their image or sexual idle or fertility figure.

How'd she get so big?! Backstory or 'developing' her methods

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//// Poll Two – Story by an Artist? ////

So after the last poll stated you folks look like you’d be ALL over a written main or short story from your last poll, I’d be delighted to help out and do that….. except…. I’m not REALLY an expert author or novelist.

The ideas I have are pure and well developed after all these years but a honest question. If I, Sius, wrote them – would you look at them or care?

I ask because if the standard you expect is higher than I can type then I’ll save my efforts and draw some more and keep to small captions. But if the feedback is that you’d like to read them from me (until somebody actually skilled comes in) then I’ll give it a shot and hopefully give you something you’d get behind.

Honest feedback is what I’m after, so please speak your mind.

Stories - Would you accept whole stories written by Sius? (An artist, not much an author)

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Thanks a big one crew. May drop something in discord as a rough / WIP to a current doodle and otherwise, watch this space for more stuff coming up ahead – Cheers, Sius

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..:: Have Some Stuff! ::..

About a week ago I had several ideas what I was going to give this week including mostly drawn material showing off this project finally, showing my ideas out and warming up for some release ideally starting to come up.

I ended up drawing something that the ideas was fun and good but didn’t really work out, it was picked on by the other art and I’m sure ended up catching fire just randomly just afterwards. All was left was some 1’s and 0’s in a pile on the floor; which was a shame it ended that way.

Next was plan B. This design and girl who ended up being amazing and one of most fun drawn things lately… but the original plan had morphed from the main idea and wasn’t designed for this showmanship any more. Thus can’t use that much here right now too ¬_¬

So instead fine peoples of the internet, I, Sius humbly present to you with some fresh new photomanips for your enjoyment in the mean time. Enjoy!

I’m still working hard and looking forwards to showing off some of that project work, hopefully soon. Till then, thanks once more for your time and support. Cheers – Sius

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..:: Another Simple Post ::..

Hay Everybody!

Sorry for the silence, time to show I’m still alive! Hoped to have some promotion material for you and be able to explain what I’ve been working on but for the last 3 weeks or so I’ve had quite strong burn out as well as RL extra commitments and that’s knackered my schedule, and that’s put bits a little behind time wise ¬_¬ Still, back on track now in my own way and will have something to give about in a few more weeks. Thanks for your patience and understanding as always.

Might as well do some housekeeping and catch up while I’m here, so lets do just that…

Refinement – So I’ve been working hard on this project idea in spare time (again, more details soon) but also learnt a few thing and have speeded up how I work on material by some cheeky little tactics in photoshop, which will always help going forwards and means work can come just a touch quicker than it has before. Guess there is always more to learn. Good times!

Discord – The link randomly killed itself for no reason I can see, so you couldn’t join. Luckily found and corrected all the links on this site now. Again, pop on in if you have a moment, got a lovely community going there that has been great so far and enjoyed what’s on, so consider doing the same here.

Poll – Latest poll was interesting, not that the results I didn’t expect, but the quantity and distribution of votes was telling. I had no idea that there would be so much call for stories / captions on art works as much as there has been. I’d have guessed photomanips would be in that place instead quite easily – I guessed wrong! Just goes to show both of these are craved. And the one person who wanted the RP logs knows what’s what – that’d be some intense material that’d rock your socks off people, too hot to post now, lol.

Stories? – Okay so people have voted they want stories more than anything. I have stories in my head ready to do and write but I’m not an author really. I might just try and write something and see what the feedback on it is, see if you enjoyed it or not. I’d love to have a dedicated author put forwards to write some of this, so if you want to try… just drop me a message… or try discord. I could do with the help!

Link – Good friend and 3D render artist Cymic44 set up his own space (as suggested by me), so go over there and check his works out for more fun material here.

New Content? – Getting something out the last few months has been delayed, I’m hoping to have some photomanips out for you all soon and also some new art before tooooo long to hopefully keep you all at peace. Shooting for the new few days/ within a week ideally on that, so check back soon ^_^

Thanks as always – have a good one my friends! – Sius

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..:: Bit of This and That ::..

Still working hard in the background again over here. Will hopefully have something for you lovely people soon. Putting some solid effort in on this one! In the mean time have just a few bits to give you as you all wait. Good times!

Cymic44 – I’ve come across a cool cat on the Discord group we’ve got set up [and you should pop on too when you can!]. with some effort and skills we have a rather fun program CG called Honey Select that we’ve managed to bend somewhat too our will. Cymic44 has done some solid work already and with humble suggestions from me we’ve managed to make some fun stuff and just getting started.

CG Models – I’ll link to this 1st large story CG pack and a few examples of other works here – but for more of them, then check out the discord to see more awesome content like this! The pack to download is -> Miu’s Transformation Diary– ALSO He’s on discord if you want to give feedback at all.

Extra Content Poll – You know me and polls, you know I can’t but help find them SUPER interesting and been a very useful tool to know what you crazy kids want – Well heres another below. Thank you all for helping me out by voting in these!

What extra content (main art aside) do you want MOST from this site? (One vote only)

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Poll Terms? – Quick explain if you don’t understand –  RP or Roleplay,  is like cybersex really, cept it goes more into fiction and typed up mini story / setting hopefully enough to have your partner enjoy it. If she enjoys it, others may enjoy reading the logs too? //// As for the video creations, might be a sped up video or stream showing off how content is done. Hopefully inspiring, but but the final product takes time and watching me fail and waste time maybe not your jam.

Story – ALSO, lastly, ended up getting an email out the blue by a random soul promoting a story. It’s one I sadly have shown off before and is on the site, but I’d like to say a thanks for the effort whoever you are. If you or anybody else who wants to help out randomly like this, then by all means feel free to send anything gape related like this my way in email or discord. Link of that story is here – The Enlargment Spell – Cheers, Sius

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..:: Spotlight – Calico Jack ::..

So one of the hidden benefits of making the Discord group was coming across Jack here. I’d never hit any of his works before this but her fun and dynamic style is certainly welcome and the fact he does huge pussy also makes it all the sweeter.

Pencils are his jam, but also a nice and high quality at that. With a thing for gothic girls and thick thigh muscles and fat perky nipples plus some swollen meaty pussies there isn’t much to hate at all. A awesome guy into himself also, I’m really hoping he continues to work on more material just like the above shows.

Go give him some love and check out his place at – https://artist-calico-jack.tumblr.com/

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..:: Still Around ::..

Hay Hay all,

Just an update post here once more to say I’m chugging along with work behind the scenes on something for the site. Making progress in some areas, needs a fair bit more work again still before more details come out…. but just to say, you know…. I’m around and still working on stuff. Got something in mind to release ASAP, just need to add a dab of colour and such before she’d complete.

Also, the Discord iGAPES hangout / group is pleasingly going well and had some very useful things happen as well as some fun gaper art and activities on there so far – so yeah, again, please feel free to pop on in sometime when you can ^_^ >> JUST CLICK HERE <<

Aside from the usual, anybody who wants to get involved or can write or offer anything like that, as always drop me a line and I’d be most grateful and look forwards to hearing from you. Aside carry on being great and cheers for your support and interest as always ^^ Cheers! – Sius

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