..:: iGAPES – Lisa 01 ::..


Lisa So it came to be that I had a little time to make good for a very solid member of the iGAPES community over on the iGAPES discord channel. He’s been extremely active posting this Honey Select models and adapted iGAPE gapers and Futa model alike.

As a means to say a well and truly deserved thanks to him I was able to quickly bang this image together quickly on his birthday, even if time was a touch short and last minute (like I was sleeping with one eye open kind of thing) but I managed to get her out.

As you maybe able to tell, eggs and birthing is the theme going on with this one and I had the model (below) to work from to make it happen. While I didn’t quite have enough time to add all the bells and whistles to it (colour, background and more), CymicX himself was pleased with what was made, so that was all you can hope for.

3 Versions – the preg main version, the outline body (see through) and the belly less, slightly more front facing / smaller teated edition.

More – of CymicX’s work (like Lisa and much more) can be found as out discord or his website just >> HERE – https://cymic44.tumblr.com/ <<

Update – At the time of the posting its been a while since much work has been done, been released and such. Been a horrid case of scatter brain really going on ATM. Fans who have seen some of my current works have almost (very politely) sudo shouted at me to release it rather than hoard it.

They are right as always, but some is just not really to come out of the cooker just yet, so hopefully this will force my hand like I hope to get stuff up and out on here and released reactions…..  the dream right?

If that sounds like a dream you want more of, a thumb up moviates as always really hard. So thank you all for waiting and being patient and hopefully more soon enough! Enjoy – Sius

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..:: iGAPES – Mari, Plugged In ::..

Recently I was delighted to be commissioned to produce a image of Mari from ‘Rebuild of Evangelion’ and was tasked with having Mari in her plug suit as a massive pumped gaper and wired up and heavily pierced too. My client has good taste it seems! They have permitted me to post the works here, so here we go!

It was a swine to CG this one because of the detail going on VS the time needed to put on it, but I really enjoyed working on it and making Mari natural obsession shine also in her body!

There are so many versions of this image (with / without wires, plug suit on / off / full, cervix in / out, with and without cum etc) that I’ve given the highlights here – love to show them all off but file sizes make that a problem (for now) But we have the highlights of the different versions just here.

Working more with PNGs as really I should here – so don’t mind the file sizes, but hay, can do cool things like backgroundless sprites. It’s the small things ^_^

As always drop a like (thumbs up below) if you enjoyed it would mean the world to me and maybe the client will hire me to do more…?

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..:: Foundation Collection Feedback + Small Sizes Poll ::..

Hay all,

So no main art today as the original backlog has dried up and I’ve not had too much time to go deep into my old art and do what I did with the other pieces (I know, sorry sorry ^^)

So firstly just gotta throw out just how pleased I am with the feedback and up votes from people.

Honestly I was going to do a poll to see if it bothered people seeing some of this dated material but I can see that from the up votes that its well worth my time to continue releasing them – so you all got it and thanks for that attention and letting me know.

I will endevour to keep on releasing some of it again soon (just gotta get around to sorting it out and picking the right ones as trust me some are not worth your time) but much like the 1st patch of the Foundation collection I’ll be looking at the votes and seeing if it holds water or gets long in the tooth once more. So don’t forget to vote if you like it!

— Poll Feedback – Video / Streaming —

So while I had plans to do a testing of the streaming and video of my art within the last month it somewhat fell apart (believe it or not I can’t be ultra crestive 24/7 -_- and it hit at a bad bad time) but may attempt it again at some point. I’ll also remark regardless that I deeply appreciate the honesty people voted with.

I was expecting many not to be interested and that was indeed correct but there where more than I would have guessed both interested in the live stream and videos going forwards that I know what to expect but not to kill that idea totally, but also to know to scale to the right level for the attention it’d get, so big thanks for that!

— Big ‘Small’ Gapes Poll —

One of the things I decided to do more in this year was do more dynamically pose heavy images and be less concerned with having a perfect pose to show off the girl in all her huge oversized vaginal glory and pleased to say its working out better and I’m glad I’ve gone past that funk that was binding me down. Excess is still there but just in a less static way.

Anyhow I’m still super curious as I have a heavy ‘size’ fetish fanbase with my works and excess too but some of the joy of seeing girls so big is seeing it change from being normal, to broken and deformed and then onto a part of her body that dominates her form and body.

So I made a list of four ‘general’ sizes that get bigger and bigger each stage but of course less and less ‘normal’ as a result. I did a quick doodle of the general idea pf the sizes in my head. I can pick and mix outside of these and designs and looks and such, but its an idea I gueess.

SO the question is, which size/s would you like to see more of or accept viewing ether as one off images or as sets getting bigger with?

Oh, on reflection I’d have the 1st gape maybe show to be a little more obviously huge VS the tennis ball on reflection but too lazy to go back and change it now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

'Smaller' stretched pussies and lighter pumped vagina preference size poll - which would you like to see more of?

View Results

I’ve numbered the images to help out and basically have sizes going ‘up’ from this to excessive sizes and also the other way saying ‘this’ is the maximum the pussy should be, so if you feel being TOO huge is a bad thing and want it scaled down.

Read and think carefully and cast ya vote and hopefully more art with some of these sizes in the future to come!

Thanks for reading and your support as always. Till next time – Sius out


..:: iGAPES – Narumi Five (Foundation Collection) ::..


Narumi Five – Created November 2010

The final image of Narumi in the old backlog, but a fun one to go out on.

This one is called ‘Time of the month’ and was going to detail with a little caption how unlike female ‘star’ month or menstrual cycle period was different for gapers, which more a build up of lust and desire ticking in the background that often meant size, and list grew and self control was lost.

Still an idea I use now in truth and is almost a keystone design even used now.

If I was to do this now I’d have her frame in a ghost behind her and have the pose be a little more evident and maybe some more fun clothing to go with it or some cuntdoms (female condoms – you’ll see more of these down the line)

But with the excess it’d prove a design that I’d use again in the future and if nothing else this image of Narumi still holds up well in concept still. Gone but not forgotten?

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..:: iGAPES – Narumi Four (Foundation Collection) ::..


Narumi Four – First Released October 2010

>_< This one makes me a touch sad… the idea is fine but soo much doesn’t play too its strengths and while it MAY look better with some colour I kinda hate it….

Obviously the beachball was meant to be inserted and maybe the pool side was meant to be done… but tits are too high and not sagging enough the pussy doesn’t bob enough and this it looks like its slapped right on her.

You people are lucky shes a numbered character in a set otherwise I probably wouldn’t have released this one…. *sigh*…. I’d be in a fire otherwise….

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..:: iGAPES – Narumi Three (Foundation Collection) ::..


Narumi Three – First Created October 2010

Bit of a mixed bag on here… O_0. Good idea…. but… yow…..

So the bad with this one beyond the obvious points is that the idea of her squatting with her pussy, ether using is as a seat, maybe using a chair or more over the compression of her pussy is too clean and too firm.

While I wanred to have a show of her parting her meaty pussy open, its like a stright cave in, not much concave or converse flesh or otherwise. I’d naturally compress her pussy into the floor with more weight but also more dispersed flesh and make it more organic.

while I can make her monster pussy very firm, this also goes against it being more maluable in some ways and even in the ways I added modifications that play with the pose and perspective (the dildo sitting, the chair or maybe squatting above where her mound rests) it doesn’t ring true and bothers me quite a bit ¬_¬ annoying.

However the tits being bound like they are and swollen is kinda fun and I like that with her fragile stretched breast skin it works well. I’d learn from this one quite a lot going forwards.

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