..:: Update Post with Poll – Pump Vs. Size & lippy lips ::..

AWWWWWW, bugger!! Out of time once again!! Gaahhhh!

So sorry, another week has slipped by without that story. I ended up working more on it and fleshing it out more and well…. some re-writes and some RL stuff getting in the way and, fuck, it’s Sunday again! (edit: not anymore buddy, it’s very much Monday ¬_¬) But know I’ve had some time and have been working on bits for sure all the same unlike not been able to for the last few weeks.

My plan is to get this out sooner than later, (as it’s already a week behind schedule already) so sorry about that. Hopefully its worth the wait! I also did a gaper image as a warm up after been unable to draw much over 3 weeks away and… that has come out great, but I’ve been fighting hard with photoshop to play nice and do what it needs to do (Sigh) . Little annoying for sure.

I’ve also been reviewing the Patreon page and what I can offer and deliver and also plans for things I can do, what’s expected and well… I’m getting some good ideas together and hope to start to give some more details before long. It’s happening (until it’s not I guess ^^) but I’d rather do it right and get the right content out, what is expected and high quality for the investment and support.

I’ve also had to do some futanari / released reactions.com content, and it’s been a while since my last ones. Super fun to do futa and weird stuff like that again after all this time. Shit, it’s crazy how little time it takes to do right (in some ways anyhow) VS. oversized gaper art. Hopefully not all will mind too much crossing over to other kinks once in a while.


I’m thinking of doing a girl for the Patreon almost like a progressive transformation over time. Woooo. Having her be a repeating character and having her stretch and grow and all sorts and feedback from the community how she changes in the long run. But as I was putting ideas together with poses and ideas it hit me that I’ve not asked people the stretching gape (tightness) versus size question, and better make sure my content is in line with expectations. And the 2nd poll is something that hit me, I don’t think I’ve ever much asked about it.

Pump Vs. Stretching - Tough choice, which is the most fun an idea to you?

View Results

There are no wrong answers, just the BEST answers

So in short I’ve set it so it has 2 sizes, and 1 with 3 stretching tiers. It’s more for how tight and slack it is, and how fun and fantasy pussies their are with that vs more grounded and slightly more real people want to see.

For ‘large’ the size is variable, it could be as big as a melon all the way up to a mountain… that doesn’t matter too much here. For ‘small’ it means more normal stretched sizes maybe up to a melon swollen flesh size.

I’ve done plenty of wide open pussies, but not enough tight ones… I do these pussies big and angry and swollen usually…. but sometimes the idea that they are both HUGE and TIGHT is something I may have overlooked. Help a porn artist out, give your poll vote if you can.

Long, flat pussy lips (non pumped) Check

View Results

AND we have a 2nd poll. This one just hit me as I was doing the last poll, but really it is it’s own separate question. A pussy design I don’t often do… but… maybe fun to mix it up ad add it. However, how do you feel about it?

I’ve attached a nasty 10 minute doodle attached to kinda get my point across – show how it may look or the theme of it. If this was done properly and right (a neat and tidy version of this), would you be interested in it? It’s the ‘curtains’ lips pussy design, heavy and droopy but loose and gaped. I’ve picked a large size for the example, but could be bigger or smaller. Wish I had more time for a side on view with it trailing behind and more obvious.

The idea of the design is that it can be lifted, wrapped around, or trail behind her while of course having her be able to insert a sizeable amount – might need to work on showing that with a more dominantly obvious mons vaginally enlarged area, still work to be done it seems.

Anyhow, vote please please, so sorry about the story, hoping mid week as mentioned and thanks again! – Sius

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..:: Update Post – 24.03.2019 ::..

Hay all!

TL;DR – Been busy, but back again. Pleased with input on content and thanks for voting / letting me know, results below. Patreon will most likely be a thing. I’ll still be doing free art, but more is available with help and funding – Thanks ^^.


And Back – So since I last posted something 2 weeks ago, quite a lot of things have happened, mostly in RL / offline. Mostly some nice ones for me for sure, but a really REALLY sucky one in the middle. It’s personal and so I can’t go into too many details (I’m sure you understand) but generally its been an interesting time for me with highs and lows, but felt more alive than I have to a while trapped behind a PC all day. It’s been kinda nice in truth.

This has also meant because I’ve been away from the drawing tablet a lot over the last few weeks and its been refreshing to take a step outside my drawing zone and do something different or have to do other actives. It’s been nice to break away but also means I am kinda itching to get back. My first piece was a simple futanari image sadly (so not ideal for here, not that its complete truthfully, but it’d been a while since I did one) But new art ideally before too long ^^!

I may have to do some more independent work and have to do some more serious RL stuff in a few months time, but you’ll hear more about that as the time comes ^^ but for now, it’s all good!

H.I.P.S. Image – I’m super pleased that last image I did has been well liked, I was pleased with it and it’s reminded me that I feel some of my strength is telling stories but also adding lore and context of a gaper inspired world into it beyond just having a bit of fun with the idea and pose. So thanks a big one for doing that thumbs up thing and letting me know, I’ll not be scared to try that again coming up ^_^


Poll Results – So while the results still come on in, I’m going to review how I take the current poll voting poll… voting poll….? Bit ups to all whom voted, and big thanks for that!

Question A – longer or shorter stories. Longer has won out over 2:1 on this. I’ll try and do this with my stories for sure, but interesting there is still demand for both in a way. Anyhow I have a ratio down now to consider, lovely.

Question B – Big push for Futanari being okay in the stories (and by extension my content) but a curious case of the ‘no males’ in a story, just gapers being higher by just a few extra votes vs. males and normal females middle vote. I may do a gaper only story, that maybe fun to see, but its super nice I can go down that road and people are happy with that!

Question C – This is the one I wanted to see the results of most from this poll for sure. So we have self destruction, personal stretching and pushing her body 1st, anything goes in 2nd and just a little behind that with surgery and other means. While there is no one ‘this answer’ its curious and telling. Most like the idea that this kind of body could be caused by her own hand and that she has the means to be this way through use and hard work.

I also take the ‘surgery’ or more real ‘extras’ and resistantly was given it are seen more maybe as a ‘crutch’ and not ‘earnt’ by being lowest (still not by massive amounts, but still) so maybe look a little more at the personal stretching vs the assistance angle. As for macguffins, this is where fun can be had, but also the least ‘raw’ in a way, magically created or come into effect, or at least having fun with it. All in all loved to see them all do well, again, not one right answer, just know what’s most desired ^^

Question D – From these answers I’ve found that we have a lot of weird people who love weird stuff and a few who are in denial, lol – jokes aside, Seems like going funky maybe the best way to keep people happy. More than anything it just gives me an open book and ability to throw stuff out their and see what sticks, and that’s very liberating as a creator. And if you voted non weird, there will be some ‘grounded’ stuff in there also, so don’t panic ^^

Question E – This more or less reflects peoples open mindedness like the last question, so that ability to go guns blazing and firing into crazy town if needs be maybe on the cards! Love it.

Question F -This last one had the least votes, which I take that most people don’t really care and its almost more points for ‘non interaction’. It interesting as I can see some demand for getting into the story and saying your piece is there, almost like a choose your own adventure like style, but most trust me to get on with it really. Most will be a complete thing from start to finish, but every so often I’ll try this out.

Big thanks for all the votes, going to use this data with some stories soon. Just wish I had one to show off today…. maybe next week I’ll try for one!


Patreon – So… the big one….  and quiet the opportunity and a controlled way to grow. A way for you to support me with just minor contributions / rewards and privledges for doing so and getting more content of this weird and wonderful fetish.

It’s likely to start soon, last minute sort out over the next month.

I’m sure I don’t need to explain what Patreon is as a website and a service as everybody under the sun has gotten one. Supporting me though this will give me financial support, but also justification to carry one making content like this (gaper, hyper vagina, fem stretching) and from Released Reactions (Futanari, weird wonderful, sexually warped).

When content creators say ‘It’ll enable me to do more’ or ‘You’ll see more content faster’ etc., its code for, your paying my way to be able to do this Vs. another job and I can spend more time doing it without worrying about loss of time, effort and as a result money. The more support you see, the more people depend upon you and the more you should deliver upon. I’m more likely to go the extra mile knowing I need to keep people happy and make it as great as I can.

Any funds gained will 1) help me buy / maintain PC / digital artwork hardware and software 2) Host the websites, so the content can continue to be delivered to you, patreon user or not 3) keep me off the streets and being destitute.

So the whole thing would keep me honest by making and forcing my time to deliver content, help with funds to keep the lights on, enable me to justify working longer and better on my craft,  pay for server costs and hosting plus, generally its more fun content of lewd sexual themes that are bespoke, hard to come by and would suffer without creation… and nobody wants that to happen!

So as a result I’ll be looking to set one up and hope to deliver content when I’m ready. So please know I’ve gotten QUITE a backlog of content over the last few months / year or so that would be ideal for Patreon. I’ve known it’s coming and I sure as hell can’t wait to release this stuff…. It’s some good shit! (so a few tester have told me) ^^

So some Questions and Answers about what I’m THINKING I’d like to setup…

Q) What content would you look to release?
A) Gaping AND Futanari artworks. All done at my extremely neat and tidy or high standards

Q) Why both futa and gaper content
A) Because a mix keeps things fresh for me, but as well; futa is more popular (more demand, but also catered for much much more by the internet) and gapers are a passion for me and hopefully you, but is desired less.

I will try and split the content so all parties are happy. Most people who like my work like both sides of the coin anyhow, which is fab and great!

Q) What goals / levels are you setting?
A) I’ve gotten ideas for sure, but can’t give any pricing until the paper work is in line and I’ve dotted the i’s and crosses the t’s.

Q) I can’t / don’t want to support your work on Patreon.
A) Totally understand, thanks for your time and interest all the same ^_^. I’ll try and compremise and release the content where I can at a later date, but it will filtered as a result. I still WILL  deliver content on this site, do not panic it will not all be behind a pay wall, trust me.

Q) More details on the content released?
A) I’ve gotten a bunch of art to do, but may be willing to do more transformations / long form works as well as stories about the characters, lore and build up about the iG / RR world/s as well as photomanipulations of gapers and futa content. Maybe  more.

Q) Higher Teir support benefits?
A) Beyond helping out beyond my humble words of thanks can begin to describe I’m considering offering Tuition, videos recording the whole process from start to finish, personal chat time on discord.

Doing things like random free sketch and doodle for higher patreons is seen as a prizes and is a no no on Patreon, so see if I can do anything or not before I look at that. There maybe something else I can do instead. All subject to change, just outlined ideas for now

Q) I’ve gotten a character I’d love to see, can I request it as a Patreon?
A) That’s a Commission and doesn’t need to be Patreon supported, however Patreons may get a discount for continued support over months joined up ^^


So – That’s more or less it for now. It honestly maybe a month before its up and THEN a month or so before the real content comes out and we can go from there, so more news, hopefully soon.

If there is anything you WOULD like to see as a goal, or something in mind for this Patreon then please let me know through a message over here.

Time to dive back into making some funky kinky stuff for sure, watch this space for hopefully something fun and exciting soon! Again, thanks for reading and your support as always. Cheers, Sius

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..:: iGAPES – H.I.P.S. Case Study 01 ::..

We wary dear viewer and be educated on the latest iGAPES releated side effect, HIPS!

I’d made mention of HIPS themed girls before but felt this maybe a point to bang this one out. Originally I’d decided that wide hipped girls would be another body type of gaper with a much broader lower section than a normal girl…

but then the more I thought about it and most gapers of large large iG size usually have these elements about them in the art and as they grow, it’s just less obvious as they are kinda hidden or your eyes are on the huge pussy mound instead.

So making this a thing, H.I.P.S. being a side effect of gapers can be a reason for having a ‘normal’ XXL stretched pussy or a ‘pumped’ stretched pussy and have some lore as to why it exists OR reason why a girl would seek it out to have a swollen mound of a pussy ready to rock.

Hope to do more of these going forwards (and more lore with them), as doing smaller gaped girls = more dynamic poses = easier to bang out. I’m pleased with this one and was fairly quick to do. Speaking of which, don’t expect an update next week -_- Important week for me, and can’t do art (shouldn’t have done this one, but I was going mad, so had to be creative and do something! ^_^)

If you enjoy this size and scale for a change then hit me up with a +1 below if ya would kindly and be working on new stuff ASAP! Cheers – Sius


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..:: Links Fixed! ::..

TL;DR – Fixed image links, please view. Links in post. Sorry, Enjoy!

SUPER Quick post – I was looking to prep for an update, as I’ve been busy with other aspects (as mentioned in my prior posts) but found that in the Arcaida and Loosely broke beginnings images that none of the images actually went to the image.

I’m blaming the new phone friendly and slightly busted new wordpress back end (seriously, its horrid, find classic if you ever use WP!) but I’ve sorted out the images, so you can see them all in wide screen, full detail. Wish somebody had made mention sooner, but its also 100% my fault, so sorry about that gang!

Anyhow back so it. Go check them pics out ^^ Hope you like them!

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..:: Poll – Story Content ::..

Hay all – I have a big story based poll to post and something to discuss, so let us begin!

Stories Content - what content would you like to see the most?, What works the best for you? (MULTI-VOTE)

View Results

POLL – Multi questions, multi answers. I’ve split the sections into A1, A2, B1, B2, etc.

Please try and answer just ONE from EACH A,B,C (and beyond) sections, the one that you sounds the best from the selection. You should have 6 votes, one for each section A->F

There are no right answers, just the things you’d like to see most of all.

From your answers I’ll try and put my content in line with what pleases people most going forwards. If nothing else it’ll be a most curious way to drive where my content will go.

Thank you a big one for taking the time to give my your ideas!


ART? – Oh shit son, I’ve been lazy and not completed the work I should have for this update. OH FUCK!… *sigh*….

I’d hoped for some Valentines girls this week, and while both are WIP ready, it’s too rough to release and I’m out of time… but that’s okay, I swear, I’ll release it under general romance, maybe gaper dating as a theme and story, which fits the same theme I guess, you’ll love it all the same and will get it! But yes, sorry for the delay.

Too much– So if anything this last week or so I’ve suffered from too much creative juices…. sometimes you don’t have enough, other time too much to get it out of your head onto a page and it becomes a big swirling mess inside your head and comes out total jank… It’s a problem being creative some times… your not creative, lol.

But on the plus side I’ve fought off an illness and the depression that is the no sun UK over winter is coming to a close, so maybe more forth coming in design work? Can but hope.


STORIES – So I think I have to remind myself that I am actually quite good at writing and writing this stuff, more than the average I’ve learnt over the years and so think I’d like to maybe do some more; thus the poll above. (Thanks again for the votes, you’re a good person and I think you deserve extra cheese for your offering.) So I should do more on this (as well as photomanips, but that’s for another day)

So I’ll end up doing what comes to mind and bare the results also as I write. I tend to be a little extreme (but not mean spirited or so graphic is horrid) but if you enjoy gaping as a kink more than being a size fan, I’m sure you will dig them! Looking forwards to seeing how well they go down.

Art for short stories? – If they do well and I feel in the mood, I might add images of the girls inside the stories as a little something extra to ground the girls and visualize things.

Short stories for art? – The other is true, I might write a small extract and do a image based on it, what I come up with. I’ve always enjoyed doing captions to make my content have meaning but giving the writing a little more time usually draws me in much more to my creation. Maybe this will mix things up and give some fun character dynamic that just writing a caption off the top of my head weilds. Will let you know how well this works.


THEMES / ACRONYMS  – I’ve also may try… (successfully or not) to try and do the fun acronym thing with themes I like to. iGAPES is an acronym (i)ncreased (G)enitalia (A)ltering (P)ubis [or Pussy] (E)xpanding (S)ynapsis and I’ve added with tagged with H.I.P.S. as (H)orizontally (I)ncreased (P)elvic (S)ymptoms and I might try for other things like VORE, ALPHA and other ones… maybe fun to add that to content as text, in stories and for giggles. Anybody who’s good at word play, drop me a line and maybe see what we can do? Give Sius a hand for better material.

I have more to say on things that have happened, but I might save that for next week and see how things go and discuss that then. For now I’ll leave the poll for a small time and hope you’ll give it your time please and we’ll try again in a week or so’s time. Also, heads up, did say that end of Feb maybe a little light due to other RL things, that may come into effect. Least you know ^^ – Sius out.


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..:: Spotlight – ArkStorm(99) ::..


Introducing on iGAPES, the creations of ArkStorm (99)


I’ve been a admirer of his work for quite some time, ArkStorm has done really fab manips as you can see in the past and has allowed me to share them here on iGAPES.

His old stomping ground was on tumblr until it killed it’s creative community and left contact people like Arkstorm a bit of a nightmare until I got lucky and he appeared on the my Discord channel and so could show the world a bit more of his works and keep them shown that much easier.

As you can see we have a bit a few kinks going on here, some gaping and pumped gaped pussy works, egg laying, some heavy fem cum, cum collection, pregnancy and heavy breasts. Its heavily inspired by the idea of hyper birth and the effects on a body changing to adapt to getting pregnant and going down into that deep rabbit hole.

He’s also started to move into drawn content which allows for much more freedom vs photomanipulations (I feel you brother) and is soon to try his hand at digital art with the old stylus and gubbins like that. But for now we have some hand done art with pencils and such below. Hopefully he can get up to speed with the digital art (a thing to learn in itself) and see what happens after that!

Arkstorm can be contacted on j.arkstorm@yahoo.com and we have a deviant art page at https://www.deviantart.com/creamypleasures

While he’s not certain on commissions just right now (seeing how that digital are comes out first) in the future it’s a possibility at least.

I’m rather pleased to have another creative individual in the scene and hope you like his works also. Enjoy!